Navy Pier - Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier Phase 2 is a renovation of the Welcome Pavilion and Polk Brothers Park providing reinforced lawn for high-program use spaces, along with renovations to Pier Park Ferris Wheel.

Working with the New York-based Landscape Architecture firm, James Corner Field Operations, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company has played a vital role in the success of Phase 1 and continued that success with the renovations to Navy Pier Phase 2. JBC is responsible for the irrigation design and soils engineering of the project.

A complex irrigation system has been designed to manage the reclaimed irrigation water and control the plant material hydrozones. The use of soil moisture sensing is used to set parameters of volumetric soil moisture to operate the automated irrigation system. The web-based irrigation central control allows the irrigation manager to operate and maintain the system from anywhere a mobile signal or wireless connection is accessed, giving flexibility in management, and provides maintenance cost savings for Navy Pier Incorporated.



  • James Corner Field Operations | New York, New York

  • Terry Guen Design Associates | Chicago, Illinois

  • Gensler | Chicago, Illinois

  • Milhouse | Chicago, Illinois

Site Features 

  • Weather-based irrigation sensors

  • Reclaimed water for irrigation

  • Soil moisture sensors

  • High-performance turf

  • Structural soils

  • Comprehensive landscape subdrainage network