Citygarden - St. Louis, Missouri

Citygarden is a 2.9-acre public park and sculpture garden occupying two blocks in downtown St. Louis, and is part of the Gateway Mall, a 19-square block spine of green space. Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company provided engineered soil mixes, subsurface drainage, and high performance turf design in an innovative green infrastructure solution that accommodates heavy visitor usage, while minimizing investment of maintenance resources.

Two-thirds of the site’s stormwater drainage is managed within the boundaries of the garden. More than 5,000 square feet of rain gardens capture, retain, and infiltrate surface water flow. JBC designed three different soil mixes to replace the rubble-filled, over-compacted existing site soils. These soil mixes provide a much healthier substrate that is essential for the long-term success of plantings..



  • Gateway Foundation | City of St. Louis, MO

  • Nelson Byrd Woltz, Landscape Architects | Charlotteville, VA

  • Missouri Botanical Garden | St. Louis, MO

  • Studio Durham, Architects | St. Louis, MO



“Citygarden is a stunning example of what great public open space design can do for an urban area.”

- Amanda M. Burden, New York City Planning Commissioner

“This place really works and provides evidence that design matters.”

-2011 ASLA Professional Awards Jury