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  • Northside Independent School District


    Northside Independent School District

    San Antonio, TX


    Cude Engineers

    San Antonio, TX

  • Description

    Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company worked with Cude Engineers to redesign the competition athletic fields at Warren,Taft, and Holmes High Schools for the Northside Independent School District (NISD).


    JBC was initially involved with the existing conditions field assessments at each of the schools, providing data analysis on existing soils, turf, and irrigation systems of each of the fields. After the evaluations were presented, NISD opted to invest in renovating the natural turf fields with a sand-based field type system rather than retrofit with synthetic turf.

    JBC provided sports field design for these

    fields that included:

    • Sand Cap Rootzone

    • High Performance Turf Type

    • Fertility Plan for Expedited Turf Grow-in

    • Finish and Sub-grade Slope Design

    • Irrigation Peer Review

    • Sub-Drainage Peer Review


    During the construction of the playing fields, JBC provided on-site observation of each of the fields. At critical times during the installation, including sub-grade review, rootzone installation and turf installation, JBC was on-site as the Owner’s Expert Representative.


    JBC is also contracted to perform

    Construction Observation for the last of

    the four (4) high schools to be completed,

    John Jay High School in 2016.


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