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  • Nasher Sculpture Garden


    Peter Walker Partners, Landscape Architects

    Berkley, CA


    Renzo Piano Building Workshop

    New York, NY

  • Awards

    2005 American Society of Irrigation Consultants Excellence in Irrigation

    Honor Award


    2004 American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award


  • Description

    Situated in downtown Dallas, the Nasher Sculpture Center represents Raymond D. Nasher’s vision to create an outdoor “roof-less” museum as a peaceful retreat for experiencing art immersed in nature—and as a public home for his collection of 20th-century sculpture. Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company was responsible for designing the garden’s engineered soil, high-performance turf, and irrigation systems.


    The soil profile marked JBC’s precedent-setting attempt to adapt high performance sports field technology to the needs of a dense and well-used public garden. The Nasher was designed as an outdoor gallery able to hold numerous events and between 20 and 30 sculptures—some permanent and some in changing displays.


    JBC invented a special soil profile that would drain perfectly without catch basins to accommodate the weight of some of the larger pieces of sculpture and the need to occasionally move them in and out of the garden. The soil is engineered be strong enough to hold high weight loads, support the growth of a special resilient grass turf for heavy use, and nurture many large trees.


    Management of water quality was critical to the preservation of the $20 million sculpture collection. After detailed research and analysis, JBC determined an optimum water quality range for irrigation water. A water purification system was installed to assist museum curators in the cleaning and preservation of the sculptures in the garden. Water quality is monitored and adjusted as needed to maintain optimum performance.

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