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  • University of Missouri Faurot Field


    University of Missouri

    Columbia, MO


    Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)

    Houston, TX

  • Description

    Since 1994 Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company has led the monitoring, design, and performance evaluation of Faurot Field on the University of Missouri campus. As a result, no firm today has a better understanding of its performance and unique construction.


    In 1995, JBC provided irrigation engineering as a consultant to HOK Sport for a $2.7 million project in that returned Faurot Field to natural grass—making Missouri the second school in the former Big Eight Conference to join the “back to nature” movement. For the next five years, JBC continued to consult on a regular basis with the grounds-keeping staff on the maintenance and performance of the natural turf system.


    In 2003 the University of Missouri engaged JBC to prepare Design-Build Guidelines for the conversion of the existing Stadium natural turf field to an artificial surface. JBC’s solution was unique to the industry, preserving the existing sand-based rootzone by using turf reinforcement.


    This solution kept the University’s options open.  Missouri could convert the field back to natural turf at any time in the future with minimal cost and effort. This approach saved the University $300,000 during the natural-grass-to-synthetic-turf conversion. It is projected to save the University an additional $250,000 if the field is converted back to natural grass.


    When “Mizzou” entered the SEC Conference in 2012, JBC was once again selected to prepare construction documents and to supervise the installation of a new artificial turf surface. Upon evaluation, the existing sand based rootzone was suitable for reuse as the base for the new synthetic surface, continuing to preserve the University’s ability to return a natural grass field simply by removing the carpet and sodding.


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